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I'm not by any means new to blogging. But I am new at this colors thing. Well - not to colors in general, but to blogging about them. I have started four new blogs, each dedicated to my love of that specific color. This blog, for instance, will showcase my love for all things PURPLE. Each day I'll scan the internet for the cutest PURPLE items I can find. And I will post my findings here for all to enjoy! If it's an item for sale, I'll also post a link to the retailer where you can purchase it online. Sometimes, I'll post design or decorating ideas. Sometimes, just photos that I've taken or have found of the violet hue. Now, a disclaimer: color is simply a passion of mine. I do not work for any of the companies or websites that I showcase. I'm not being paid to do this. This blog is only a hobby and I'm doing it just for fun. So don't take me too seriously :) But by all means, do pass along the link for all those who appreciate the color - lavender, orchid, lilac, violet, eggplant - whatever you choose to call it, we love our COLOR PURPLE!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Purple Kate Spade on SALE!

Kate Spade is, by far, one of my favorite designers of all time. But I have to be VEEERRRYYY careful when looking at her stuff, because I can definitely overspend! :) That's why I LOVE it when she has a great sale going on! Check out these awesome PURPLE shoes from her website that are currently on S-A-L-E!

Find them HERE

Find them HERE

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